Dude your taste in music is fucking amazing, I can't help but reblog every song you post.




how would you feel about Flint or Duster in Smash? I think there's an untapped well of non-PSI user characters in Mother...

i never thought about flint being in smash, mite be cool


transcript for lazy people: D(dodger) J(jontron) Je(jesse) TB(totalbiscuit)

J: Alright, can we- can we talk about this?
(d laughs)

D: Jon REALLY wants to talk about this?

Je: this is the ONE thing Jon wants to talk about today.

TB: I’ve said it before, (you) gotta be careful reading too much twitter, this is why I’ve handed off my twitter to someone else.

J: No, I- it’s it’s, i just wanna adress something. (laughs) well, I dunno- you guys tell me how you feel about this, I will submit to being a fallible human being, if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’ve been, its just been crazy the last two weeks I’ve jsut been tweeting my opinions and been called sexist ableist and all kind of stuff and i don’t know how to deal with it anymore! Like, just today Tim Scafer tweeted a video of anita sarkeesian doing a, what was it called?

TB: I think it was called

D: women in the industry

TB: I think it was about women being called background items (in the game industry), i think it was about the second part of the arc of the tropes thing.

J: If we were speaking in feminism, in the terms of humanism, I’m a feminist.. I am a feminist then. Uh actually Boogie (boogie2988) put out a video about this and he said “I’m a humanist” and that’s how i feel, I- I really vouch for anyone to be-have equal rights, it’s “god-given” for lack of a better term. Equality, for instance, right now gays can’t get married in every state that’s something I completely (believe in)-I’m all for equality right? But like, I just think that these- these issues get pandered to in a way that-that, here, the way i see equality is bringing someone up to someone else’s level, not bringing someone down to someone else’s, and thats how i see these, uh, problems are being handled. Saying “because you’re a white male” “because you (uh, aren’t, i dunno) because you’re a white straight male”, you cannot speak on this issue” and that’s insane to me- we should all be participating in the discussion- and I think we should condemn people for sh*tty opinions, a lot of people have been saying ” f*ck you Jon, you have sh*tty opinions, trying to commit career suicide?” and I- I don’t know how to respond to this because it’s like it’s a barrage, and i don’t think like, mobbing someone is going to change their mind even if your intentions are correct. I could be wrong right now, but i sure as hell won’t be convinced this way. (laughs) I dunno it’s just like, been bugging me real bad.

TB: It’s- and that may be the biggest problem with this discussion is that we can’t have [it].

J: there you go.

Holy shit why do you get some hate talk mainly about smash. Anyway any new characters you excited for?

beats me

i dont know who i’m most excited for anymore, i wanna say megaman but villager looks really cool

and then there’s pac man and little mac who also seem fun to play as.

man, this game is going to be so amazing. i don’t know how anybody can’t be hyped for this shit

Dude you already got Ness in the new Smash. Quit being selfish wanting your obscure game series to take up 2 slots with almost identical fucking characters. It's already bad enough that we're having to deal with all this forced Fire Emblem trash, and "so funnah XD" Dr Mario clone that nobody asked for.

how is MOTHER obscure? everybody fucking knows about MOTHER/Earthbound, unless if you’ve been living under a rock this past decade

>” and “so funnah XD” Dr Mario clone that nobody asked for. “

what are you even going on about