I'm all about sketching things and playing games.

(NSFW at times, enjoy the ride. )

draw mama-chan taking a fat ogre shit

excuse you anon this is a christian blog

i cant fucking tell whats a joke and what isnt a joke on this site

i cant take anything seriously anymore

· i cannot ·



This young lady is Lucky’s rival/bestfriend who made a wish on a magical monkey paw to become super popular with boys. Unfortunately the primitive artifact made her butt desirable to freakishly high levels, and the only way to negate the wish is to perform 1001 good deeds with her wish, similar to Lucky’s predicament. The only difference is that this lass is more optimistic about getting the job done, but doesn’t like that she and Lucky have to compete for deeds.

Her name is…Penni Trate


tfw no slime girl waifu to make you mango jello every morning

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